Keep pushing: Critical success factors to unlock your full innovation potential

The chemical industry and its products are the key enabler of our modern world. And we need to keep pushing: The world needs more innovations from the chemical industry, more sustainable materials and more solutions to make the life better for the people.

But disruptive innovations in the chemical industry became few and far between. Are the golden years simply over or has the chemical industry lost its innovative power? Neither, nor – innovations in chemistry are still possible!

The digital revolution will ignite many changes. The way we research, produce, sell, or provide service to our customers will be different from what we knew before. But also, adapting the tools and concepts of the digitalisation can catalyse a new wave of chemistry innovations. Only when we act upon it, we will win on these opportunities – providing the innovations the world needs.

In this key note you will learn which critical success factors you need to consider if you want to unlock the full innovation potential of your R&D – and how to align your organization with these factors.