How organisations grow through change

Life is change. Standstill is death. Change is indispensable, and external drivers, like globalisation, regulation, digitalisation and a call for more sustainability impose an imperative to change. New, agile, digital business models topple the incumbent players. Both challenges and opportunities for all industries are created. The existing structures, corporative culture and individual mindsets need to change.

Experts estimate that at least two thirds of all change projects fail. Employees and middle management alike are afraid that their jobs become obsolete. Preservation of a static state is a human need. In this ambiguous situation practically all processes of change take place.

How can we make the necessary transformations more more effective and more accepted? How do the human beings, our employees become change agents instead of resisting partisans.

Successful change is an act of gardening, of creating a new culture in the organisations. 

How do you envision your company in five or ten years? Managers and employees are looking for their new roles. They have to find the right balance between creativity and process. How does that work in practice? In this entertaining and thought provoking keynote you learn about how to find a new, better approach when change happens to us, how to build resilience and how to take advantage from it. We can only grow through change!