Digitalisation as catalyst for sustainable innovations

Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality – Digitalization is a top concern for most of the industry. But much to often it is assumed, that this technologies just support another incremental improvement of the business processes or models. The use of Big Data to better target marketing campaigns or the implementation of data based preventive maintenance strategies in the chemical industry are just examples.
But the digitalisation can and will(!) ignite a disruption of the existing business models in the industry. It will change the way we innovate, produce, or sell.
The consequent digitalisation of the innovation process in the chemical and process industries bears a huge potential. It will change the way we understand complex systems, such as formulations or materials. Find out in this keynote note how the digital technologies already are used to accelerate the innovation processes in many scientific disciplines and how you can apply this potential in your industry. And aside from that: take a look at the skills and competences that make innovators successful in tomorrow’s chemical industry.