I speak with passion!

About how to deal with un-evitable change, transformation, and the digital disruption we already face now and in the future. I speak about why we need chemistry and chemistry innovation, especially now facing the consequences of pollution and unsustainable growth. I speak about how to create a corporate culture that not only allows but enables innovation.

My passion, my research, and therefore my topic is transformation. Since early teenage years I was fascinated by how matter changes. This curiosity made me become a scientist and PhD chemist.

After my doctorate as a polymer chemist I spent more than 13 years in various positions with increasing management responsibility in two top 100 companies in the chemical industry. I created innovative products myself -and witnessed ambitious initiatives fail. I led people through change.

Over time, my focus shifted, from transforming matter to study how human beings and systems change. I changed myself, from being a chemist to becoming an „al-chemist“ in the original sense. Transmutation: we all need to change. Change – growth, movement – is the very definition of life. Much too often, change is perceived as bad. Much too often we resist – as individuals, organisations or systems.

My presentations are tailor-made for each individual event – even without PowerPoint. As an expert for leadership and strategy, I bring my own experiences of change and my own breakdowns from 15 years in chemical industry to the stage, enriched with personal insights and perspectives. I will make people laugh and create goose-pimple moments. My goal is to inspire employees and leadership alike to rethink and redesign the organisations together.

As a speaker I help my audience to release energy for change. Inspiring. Provocative. Entertaining, but with substance. That’s my promise.

Let yourself and your team be inspired.